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Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship - Doctors Hospital

Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship - Doctors Hospital

Program Director            Fellowship Program Consultant            Length of Fellowship            Positions  
Maria Lucarelli, MD   Laura Epnett
(614) 544.1790
  Three years   Two per year  


NRMP Program Code: 2122156F0

Why Choose Pulmonary/Critical Care at Doctors Hospital

Our fellowship program is designed to bring you up to speed smoothly, while learning from the best minds in the field.


About the Pulmonary/Critical Care Fellowship

The Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine Fellowship at Doctors Hospital accepted the first trainee into the training program in August of 2006.  The combined program is 36 months in duration and provides the osteopathic trained Internal Medicine Resident with advanced and concentrated training in both pulmonary diseases and critical care medicine.  In addition, the program prepares the fellow for certification in both pulmonary diseases and critical care medicine. 

The combined subspecialty program involves the diagnosis, treatment of patients with both diverse pulmonary diseases, as well as those with life threatening illness.  The purpose of this combined program offers:

  • An organized, combined program that provides progressively more responsibility for the care of pulmonary and critically ill patients throughout the three years of training

  • Extensive education in bronchoscopy and other procedures essential to the practice of pulmonary critical care medicine

  • The fellow with definitive diagnosis and treatment plans for patients as it relates to pulmonary diseases and critical care medicine. The fellows acquire the competency of a specialist in both disciplines.

  • The necessary equipment to train in critical care medicine and pulmonary medicine as outlined in the American College of Osteopathic Medicine requirements for each subspecialty.

  • The opportunities to integrate osteopathic principles and practice opportunities throughout the training program

  • The opportunities to observe and manage inpatients and outpatients with a wide variety of pulmonary diseases. The fellows will be given the opportunity to assume continuing responsibility for acute and chronically ill patients in order to observe the natural history of pulmonary disease as well as the effectiveness of therapeutic programs.

  • The opportunity to care for patients with heart surgery. Patient encounters may occur through consults, ICU/CCU patient rounds, or floor rounds. Trauma/SICU experience may be gained by choosing elective time for a rotation outside Doctors Hospital.