Castrop Health Center
Castrop Health Center

Castrop Health Center in Athens, Ohio

Convenient access to OhioHealth physicians and services close to where you live and work

The OhioHealth Castrop Health Center has outpatient services and physicians onsite, all in one convenient location. This includes comprehensive cancer care. Our new radiation oncology area is the only radiation oncology location in Athens County.

Castrop Health Center Services

We offer a broad array of services in Athens, Ohio, to meet your family's healthcare needs.

  • Cancer Care and Infusion
  • Imaging Services
  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Work Health 


Our All-Inclusive Cancer Care Location in Athens 

Radiation oncology is now available at the Castrop Health Center, along with medical oncology and our infusion clinic, giving patients — no matter their treatment — all the cancer services they need in the same place. 

The cancer care team at the Castrop Health Center works with the entire OhioHealth cancer care team — a multidisciplinary group of expert physicians and nurses — to provide the most complete cancer care available.

  • Dedicated cancer physicians, oncology-trained nurses and patient navigators, specializing in the unique needs of cancer patients 
  • State-of-the-art linear accelerator (LINAC), customizable for each patient’s unique cancer treatment plan 
  • Dedicated health center entry for cancer patients, with easy access to parking
  • Shared waiting area and resource center

Patients receive infusion therapy in individual bays at the Castrop Health Center. TV, Wi-Fi, refreshments, snacks and warm blankets are available. Our highly qualified staff provides infusion therapies for both cancerous and noncancerous conditions.