Here you’ll find information that may motivate you to learn more about heart health -- and help you make decisions about your lifestyle. Because some risk factors are related to lifestyle, which you can change. You’ll also find assessment tools plus OhioHealth classes that can help you improve your health and reduce your risk for heart disease.

Learn About Your Risks

Learn about the risk factors for heart disease you can and can’t control, and use online tools to assess those risks.

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Take Action

We offer classes that can help you improve your heart health and reduce your risk for heart disease.

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Why Choose OhioHealth?

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Continuum of Care and Access

With care sites located throughout the region, OhioHealth is always close to home. We provide comprehensive, patient-centered care in convenient locations, and advanced, world-class heart and vascular services in our larger care sites.

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Cutting-Edge Expertise

Leading-Edge Expertise

OhioHealth is on the leading edge in delivering comprehensive heart and vascular services. We offer the most advanced technologies and treatment, and our experience and skill in all areas of heart and vascular care ensure the best outcomes for patients.

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Research & Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials

Through our clinical trial capabilities, we provide our patients access to the most advanced treatments.

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