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Emergency and Trauma Care

Hospitals Providing Medical Emergency Centers
OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital  
OhioHealth Grant Medical Center  
OhioHealth Doctors Hospital
OhioHealth Grady Memorial Hospital
OhioHealth Dublin Methodist Hospital
OhioHealth Marion General Hospital  
 OhioHealth Hardin Memorial Hospital
OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital
OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital
OhioHealth Shelby Hospital
Westerville Emergency Care Center 
Pickerington Emergency Care Center

Trauma Services and Centers at OhioHealth

OhioHealth trauma services and centers are among the best in the state, staffed by a team of highly trained trauma healthcare professionals from wide-ranging medical specialties. Our trauma centers have the resources to address any traumatic injury, regardless of complexity or severity, extending from pre-hospital care through critical care to rehabilitation and re-entry into the community. Our Level I (Grant Medical Center) and Level II (Riverside Methodist and MedCentral Mansfield) designations ensure you and your loved ones receive optimal trauma care.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

The first step in any emergency is to call for assistance. In Columbus, dialing 9-1-1 will connect you with police, the fire department, paramedics or other emergency crews who can respond quickly. It's also important to know basic first aid that prepares you for treating injuries and other emergencies while you are waiting for help to arrive. The American Red Cross provides resources for building a first aid kit.

Emergency Department Should Not Always Be your First Choice for Care

Unless it is a serious medical emergency, your family doctor should always be the first place you go to for care. Your family doctor has a relationship with you, and will know your medical history much better than the staff in an emergency department. If you do not have a family physician, use our Find a Doctor search tool.

Urgent Care Centers

Sometimes you are unable to see your doctor right away, but you still need medical care. The OhioHealth Urgent Care Centers are ideal places for helping you. Urgent care centers are perfect for treating the twisted ankles and broken bones you might suffer during weekend sporting events.

Unlike your personal physician, the urgent care center will not have your medical history, and is able to treat you only for your isolated incident. An urgent care center does not take the place of a family doctor, and you will need to show proof of insurance in order to access the services at an OhioHealth urgent care center.