Medical Education




Can I send a "Universal Application for Residency" to apply to your residency?

Due to contractual agreements, we accept applications submitted through ERAS only.


When is your deadline for applications?

Our deadline for accepting applications is October 1st.


How many letters of recommendation do I need to submit?

Three letters of recommendation, with at least one being an emergency medicine standardized letter of evaluation (SLOE).


Do all of my letters of recommendation need to be from emergency physicians?

No, however, we do require at least one emergency medicine standard letter of evaluation (SLOE). The other letters can be from any attending with whom you have worked closely and can best assess your abilities and character.


If I rotated in the emergency department at Doctors Hospital, can one of my letters be from your department?

No, your three letters of recommendation should come from other rotations.  If asked, however, we will provide a letter of recommendation that you can use when applying to other programs.  


Is there a maximum number of letters of recommendation you will accept?

ERAS allows for no more than four letters of recommendation to be sent to any one program; however, you do not need to send the same four letters to all programs.




If I do a rotation at Doctors Hospital, does that guarantee that I will be offered an interview?

No.  All applicants are screened using the same criteria.  However, a rotation in our department can be helpful to candidates whose applications do not adequately demonstrate their interest in and aptitude for emergency medicine. 


What are your criteria for an interview offer? 

We are seeking candidates that have a minimum score of 500 on COMLEX Part I; are ranked in the top half of their class; have been active in research, community and/or leadership activities, and have a demonstrated interest in emergency medicine.  


How will I be notified if I am offered an interview?

Applicants who are offered an interview will be notified by email.


When should I call to schedule an interview?

Instructions on scheduling will be sent with the invitation to interview.


How are interview dates assigned?

We offer multiple interview dates throughout the recruitment season.  If you are offered an interview, you may select the one that best fits into your schedule.  Each day has a limited number of slots available.  They are filled on a first come, first served basis.


Do you provide overnight housing for interviews?

No.  You will receive a list of hotels in the surrounding area when you confirm your interview date.


Are there any activities the night before the interview?

Yes, there is a casual dinner with residents the night prior to the interview.  You will receive information about the dinner when we confirm your interview date.  Attendance at this event is not required, but it is encouraged.