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Practicing World-Class Cancer Care in Central Ohio

The path to excellence in your cancer care begins with a commitment to giving our physicians, nurses and other clinical professionals the resources they need to conduct research and develop new technologies.

At the core of OhioHealth’s commitment to advancement is the OhioHealth Research and Innovation Institute (OHRI). The OHRI fosters constant improvement of the delivery of better treatments, the application of more effective technology, and the enhancement of our patients’ personal experience.

Further strengthening this commitment to advancement are the Medical Education Building at Doctors Hospital and the Center for Medical Education and Innovation at Riverside. These sites are state-of-the-art medical education facilities, offering some of the world's most advanced healthcare technologies available, including a simulated hospital environment which provides a safe way for medical professionals to practice new technologies and advanced procedures without putting patients at risk.

Our potential for innovation is continually developed by our alignment with state and local leaders who are expanding the research and development sector of Ohio's economy. As such, OhioHealth is involved in several types of research: 

  • Industry-sponsored research, initiated by drug and device companies looking to test their investigational products at a large facility associated with excellent clinicians.
  • Investigator-initiated research, in which a clinician wishes to test a theory for patient treatment or otherwise accumulate valid data addressing a clinical controversy.
  • Federal- and foundation-funded research that addresses the needs of the public. OhioHealth provides an ideal setting for these projects.