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Get inspiration and support from people just like you. Weight management patients share the struggles they’ve faced, and the stories of their success with OhioHealth.

Matthew's Story

Surgery Type:
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Making the Commitment to Weight Management

Growing up, I was always thin. But then, suddenly, I was 40 years old and 451 pounds. I had cracked heels, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I couldn't even tie my own shoes. And then I developed diabetes, which scared me the most. My dad and other family members died from diabetes complications, and I started to worry I wouldn't see my kids graduate.

I thought I could lose the weight on my own, and tried eating healthy, cutting carbs and sugar. Nothing worked. Eventually, I asked my family physician for help. He encouraged me to attend an informational session about weight-loss surgery at OhioHealth.

Bariatric Surgery and Beyond

At first, I felt like I was giving up on myself, and cheating. But joining the program was the best decision I've made in my life. It was a yearlong process, and at times I got frustrated. But the approach OhioHealth uses reprogrammed my mindset and lifestyle, so I don't return to my old habits. I lost 201 pounds. I can run a mile and walk my dogs. I have energy to keep up with my kids. I look good in a suit again. It totally changed my outlook and personality.

But the greatest benefit is that I'm healthy. I left the hospital cured of diabetes. I'm not always sweating. I don't have sleep apnea, or foot and joint problems. Weight-loss surgery is a miracle that lets you reset the clock. It gave me a second chance at life.

Rafat's Story

Rafat, before and after weight loss surgery
Surgery Type:
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

I had always promised myself weight-loss surgery would be a last resort. I work with cardiovascular and diabetic patients, so I knew what steps to take to lose weight and thought I could do it on my own.

I was in Chicago with friends when I realized my situation wasn’t functional. My friends were taking the train to our destination for the day, but I had to take a cab because I physically couldn’t get to the station in time.

Bariatric Surgery and Beyond

I was overwhelmed, and couldn’t see a way out of my situation, so I decided to go to an informational session about weight-loss surgery at OhioHealth. Dr. Rana put my mind at ease with the clinical science behind it, and I reconsidered my stance when I learned people who have surgery keep weight off more successfully than those who take alternative routes.

The program gave me the time and support I needed to adjust my mindset and my habits, so that after surgery, it was a seamless transition into a new lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle I never believed I could have before surgery. I discovered that I really enjoy weightlifting, and now I’m a personal trainer and competitive Olympic weightlifter. I have energy to play with my kids, and a newfound confidence. Without the surgery, I would’ve missed out on these things that bring me so much joy.