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Amanda Coleman

Amanda C


Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Amanda received her Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Miami University in 1999 and completed her Masters in Physical Therapy from University of Delaware in 2002. Rehabilitation supervisor at Westerville Medical Campus, Amanda specializes in the treatment of orthopedic, foot and ankle and spine conditions as well as provides aquatic therapy. Amanda on her role as a physical therapist: “I love that there will never be monotony in healthcare. Every day you get the opportunity to interact with new, unique individuals that are seeking to return to the passions in their life. Being in healthcare inspires you to be a life-long learner as research continues to arise that improves one’s ability to treat patients.” She continues that her role as administrator also gives her the added benefit of promoting the profession and looking for process improvements that can ease a customer’s transition through OhioHealth’s health-care system.