Stroke Alert: Minimizing time to emergency stroke treatment

Every second counts when dealing with a stroke. The sooner a patient is able to receive emergency stroke treatment, the better the chances of preventing life-altering brain damage. When stroke victims are en route to Riverside Methodist or as soon as their stroke symptoms are identified in the Emergency Department, the Stroke Alert is activated.

One call triggers the Emergency Stroke Alert round-the-clock team that includes a neuroradiologist, a neurologist, stroke-trained nurses, imaging technologists and pharmacists. Having these experts available 24/7 is exceptional and uncommon for most hospitals.

How the Stroke Alert System Works

  • EMS notifies hospital of possible incoming stroke patient.
  • Patient arrives in Emergency Department (ED).
  • ED physician assesses symptoms and initiates Stroke Alert.
  • A series of overhead and digital pages alert stroke team.
  • Depending on the level of stroke, the patient receives appropriate treatment.