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Medical Records

Medical Records

Online Medical Records for OhioHealth Patients

Electronic medical records make it easy to access and manage your medical information in one secure location.

OhioHealth MyChart

For OhioHealth facilities in the Greater Columbus Area, including Delaware and Marion

If you have received care at OhioHealth hospitals, outpatient centers, physician offices or urgent care centers, you may already have an OhioHealth MyChart account.

Ask any member of your health care team for an activation code for your account, or request one online at

Questions? Please call (614) 533.6924.



For Mansfield and Shelby Hospitals

MyRecord provides a secure portal for OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital and OhioHealth Shelby Hospital patients who want to access their medical history and test results. 

Below are references that explain how to get started and how to use MyRecord features.

Login to MyRecord

​Sign In to Follow My Health for O'Bleness 

Follow My Health is a secure and convenient way for OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital patients to access their health records and test results 24/7.


To request your medical records in person

You can request a copy of your medical record in person by submitting a Release of Information form to the Medical Records Department of the hospital where you or your family member was treated. You can also have your doctor’s office submit the form for you.

If you have questions about obtaining a copy of your medical record, please contact the Medical Records Department of the hospital where you received care.


If requested for follow-up care, there are no fees for a copy of your medical record. There may be a fee when requested for other purposes (such as legal, insurance claims or personal use).

To release a copy of your medical record to someone else

If you would like us to release a copy of your medical record to someone other than yourself, please complete a Medical Records Authorization Form.

If you are requesting a copy of another person’s record, you will need to provide legal documentation verifying legal guardianship, power of attorney for healthcare, executorship or next-of-kin relationship of a decedent. Parents may request copies of their minor child’s record if they have legal custody and the child is not legally emancipated.