Healthcare Services and Programs

Agricultural Health Program
Patient follow-up for agriculturally related injuries, diseases, and fatalities

Appalachian Healthy Living Task Force
The Appalachia Cancer Research Initiative was established to address the disproportionately high cancer rates found in the Appalachian region of state.

Art in Medicine
Art in Medicine programs are available to all cancer inpatients and their families who are on the medical oncology floor 7 Yellow at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

Assistance Programs
Several programs, including those related to prescriptions

Breastfeeding/Parenting Support Groups
Sponsors support groups for new mothers on parenting and breastfeeding issues 

Cancer Connections
The Cancer Connections program provides patients and their families access to all the information and resources they need to successfully manage their care, restore their sense of well being and overcome the challenges of living with a cancer diagnosis

Cancer Wellness Program
Using exercise, education and peer support, our 8-week Cancer Wellness Program empowers cancer patients to improve their quality of life at any given stage of treatment.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
McConnell Cardiac Rehabilitation services are offered at McConnell Heart Health Center, Doctors Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital and our Westerville Medical Campus.

Community Cardiovascular Health and Wellness program
The Community Cardiovascular Health and Wellness program brings a unique approach to care by focusing on holistic wellness. 

Diabetes Education Program (Outpatient)
The goal of our Diabetes Management Program is to provide state-of-the art care and services tailored to your specific needs.

Diabetes Individual Counseling
For Delaware County residents, by physician referral.

Diabetes Self-Management Program at Grant Health and Fitness
Teaching you how to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Diabetes Self-Management Program at McConnell Heart Health Center
This program covers topics in diabetes self-management care.

Delaware Colorectal Cancer Partnership 
Educates men and women over 50 years of age in the Delaware County area on the importance of early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

Education Outreach and Research
A list of programs. 

Emergency Needs
Provides assistance for patients of Grady Memorial Hospital and their families. 

Executive Health and Wellness 
This innovative program provides advanced, customized healthcare assessments, screenings and tests specifically designed for members of the executive community. 

Faith Community Nursing & Health Ministry programs
These programs are designed to help faith communities provide wellness promotion and illness prevention services to its members and the surrounding community. 

Grady Life Center Programs
Offers free and low-cost classes for fitness, wellness, support groups and childbirth education for a variety of audiences in Delaware County. 

Grief Support  
Provides counseling and grief support services to members of the community.Hello Hospital and Grady Bear Tours 

Health Risk Management
Personalized, intensive, non-medical program at the Grant Health and Fitness Center to optimize and maintain your health.

Home Visits for Breast Cancer Patients 
Enables physical and occupational therapists to instruct patients in their homes on post-op exercises and more. Funded by a grant from the Columbus affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Hope Center 
Assist individuals in Delaware County by providing the understanidng and support needed in working through the grieving process associated with the death of a loved one.

Education offered by Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware County on the importance of prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Insurance Clinic 
Provides primary physician care for patients of any age who are screened by Grady Memorial Hospital's financial counseling department, have no health insurance and are residents of Delaware County.

Kids Safety Scenes 
Interactive, 10-station safety field trips made available to Delaware County fifth graders. 

LNN Program (Lung Nodule Navigator) 
Offers a specialized oncology nurse to support lung cancer patients at Grant Medical Center before diagnosis and throughout treatment. 

Medicaid Clinic
Provides primary physician care for Grady Memorial Hospital patients who have Medicaid and are residents of Delaware County. 

Medical Weight Treatment Program 
Offers two options for weight loss at the McConnell Heart Health Center with a team of physicians, dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioral counselors to help you achieve success.

Mentoring/Job Shadowing
Provides opportunities for teens and adults to learn more about specific healthcare careers at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Mother's Milk Bank of Ohio
Accepts, pasteurizes and dispenses donor human milk by physician prescription primarily to premature and ill infants.

OhioHealth Emergency Medical Services
A multi-disciplinary center dedicated to improving patient care by providing clinical, educational, and operational resources for EMS.

Pregnancy and Parenting
A list of programs.

Project Hoffnung: The Amish & Mennonite Breast Health Project
Project Hoffnung, or Hope, was created in 1997 to help provide cancer outreach programs to Amish and Mennonite communities. 

Proyecto Cáncer del Seno en Latinas: The Latina Breast Cancer Project
Connects Latina women to breast cancer screening services through community educational programs and a breast health hotline. 

Riverside OB/GYN Community Care
A hospital-based teaching practice that provides OB/GYN wellness and preventive care for all women.

RMB Mission Support
Provides medications and supplies for missions to underprivileged patients in foreigh countries. 

RMB Pharmaceutical Care 
Provides medications to patients who are not able to leave the hospital without them and who cannot afford them.

RMB Pharmaceutical Care Counseling
Provides prescriptions to uninsured patients living in Franklin County and bordering counties and whose family income is less than 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

RxCare Pharmacy
Deliers prescriptions to uninsured patients living in Franklin County and bordering counties and whose family income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner)
Assists in meeting the medical and legal needs of Delaware County sexual 

SARNCO is the sexual violence intervention and prevention program for central Ohio.

Social Service Prescription Program
Provides a 14-day supply of medicine for patients who are not able to pay for their medicines at the time of discharge from hospitals and emergency rooms. 

Speakers Bureau
Addresses a variety of healthcare topics for community organizations and groups in Delaware County. 

Senior Health Programs (AdvantAge)
Health, wellness and education programs. 

Support Groups
Providing a haven where people with similar problems can experience emotional and moral support.

Tobacco Cessation
Develops an individualized plan to stop smoking.

VITALITY: Weight Management and Lifestyle Change Program 
12-week program for people with moderate to significant weight loss needs or other health conditions that can be positively affected by healthy lifestyle changes. 

Wellness on Wheels (WOW) 
Provides services to pregnant women ages 12 to 44 in communities identified to have high infant mortality rates.