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We are part of the OhioHealth network. So when we say Access to quality healthcare made easy, that doesn't stop at our occupational health and wellness experts.

Partnering with WorkHealth also provides access to our extensive OhioHealth network of medical professionals and specialists at convenient locations around central Ohio. In fact, our health provider network is one of the largest in the region.

We make it easy - whatever and whenever the need.

Expert Care - OhioHealth Physician Group

The OhioHealth network has more than 2500 physicians in primary care and a wide range of specialties, giving patients access to one of the leading health systems in the nation.

Physicians at OhioHealth hospitals and care sites collaborate closely with other physicians in the community to develop the strategies and plans that result in a comprehensive range of accessible, expert care for patients.

For help finding a primary care physician or specialist, call (614) 4-HEALTH (443-2584) or check out the OhioHealth provider network and search by medical specialty.

Convenient Options - OhioHealth Sites

OhioHealth understands the importance of having medical experts and resources close to work and home.

That's why, in addition to OhioHealth's multiple WorkHealth Centers that are part of our OhioHealth network of facilities, we also provide patients with access to a number of other hospital or community based facilities, offering a broad spectrum of services.

Find an OhioHealth facility near you for your medical need or by location.

Learn more about the OhioHealth family of not-for-profit, faith-based hospitals and healthcare organizations.

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