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Ronney Abaza, MD: A World Leader in Advanced Robotic Surgery

With more than 5,000 robotic prostate, kidney, bladder and adrenal surgeries performed, Dr. Abaza is the most experienced robotic surgeon in Ohio, and his annual number of robotic procedures places him among the top 5 surgeons in the world.

Columbus best Doctor award from 2011-2018Extensive Expertise That Benefit His Patients

Dr. Abaza is an innovator of several complex robotic procedures. Patients with the most complicated conditions, which were once thought impossible to treat robotically, will benefit from his minimally-invasive robotic surgery. His unique and unparalleled skills and experience allow Dr. Abaza to perform leading edge robotic procedures with the best possible outcomes for patients.

As the first in the world to perform numerous cutting-edge robotic procedures, Dr. Abaza has not only contributed to the advancement of robotic surgery, but Dr. Abaza uses his expertise to provide a higher quality of robotic surgery for even the most common conditions and a higher quality of care for every patient.