Providing Expert Consultation on Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease

Our highly trained hospital-based pathology physicians provide expertise in comprehensive diagnostic medicine through OhioHealth’s state-of-the-art laboratory technology. Our goal is to provide an accurate diagnosis, communicated effectively and efficiently to the patient’s physician as vital information to the treatment plan.

As a patient, you may never see your OhioHealth Physician Group pathologist, but these expertly train physicians are a vital member of your care team because they provide information about your diagnosis through laboratory medicine. Pathologists use lab tests to identify a disease or to rule out other diseases that could impact your health. So when your primary care physician orders a blood test, the pathologist reviews the results for abnormalities; or when your surgeon performs a biopsy and removes a tissue sample, the pathologist decides if it is cancerous. 

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Our Services

OhioHealth Physician Group pathologists provide diagnostic expertise at OhioHealth Marion General Hospital and OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital. This includes:

  • Clinical  diagnostic pathology (the laboratory testing performed on fluids)
  • Anatomic diagnostic pathology (the laboratory testing performed on tissues)