You are welcome to attend any class(es) that interest you. The core classes are strongly encouraged to help build your basic foundation for making healthy lifestyle changes.

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Lifestyle change

This series prepares you for lifestyle change, promotes wellness and provides techniques to maintain healthy lifestyle practices, such as nutrition, stress and physical activity.

Changing lifestyle 1
Promoting wellness
Describes the comprehensive nature of wellness and the importance of attaining changes for a healthier lifestyle. Identifies our resistance to change and describes four essential attitudes to develop a personal wellness vision. Completion of an individualized plan for change enhances our ability to make and sustain healthier lifestyle choices..

Changing lifestyle 2
Emotions and lifestyle change
Explores the impact of mood upon making healthier lifestyle choices. Identifies the common emotional responses to life changing events. Mood is seen to be altered by increased awareness of our core attitudes, stress, personality traits and negative thinking. Better management of our mood can lead to better lifestyle choices. Completion of a personality scale will assist in identifying strengths for change and increase motivation.

Changing lifestyle 3
Changing habits
Addresses the issues as to why habits are so powerful, long lasting and difficult to change. Explores why we persist making unhealthy choices despite knowledge to the contrary. Identifies ways to enhance motivation, create better lifestyle choices and enhance consistency over time.


Exercise basics
Learn the benefits of exercise. Recommendations for exercise frequency, intensity type and time.

Maintain an active lifestyle
Overcome barriers to regular exercise and prevent relapse. Plan your exercise to meet goals.

Heart Health
Managing heart health
Learn about signs and symptoms, self-management and treatment of heart disease.

Know your risk factors for heart disease
Identify and prioritize your risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Learn to partner with health professionals to reach risk factor goals.

Stress Management Basics
Learn about the impact of stress on your health and how to become more aware of your stressors and warning signs. You will practice several ways to relax that can be helpful in any stressful situation.