Sleep Services - Marion

Sleep Services - Marion

OhioHealth Sleep Services - Marion

The OhioHealth sleep center in Marion provides a safe, compassionate environment where sleep disorders are diagnosed and effective treatment is recommended.

OhioHealth Sleep Services in Marion, is a four-bed sleep center located at the Marion Medical Campus at the south (blue) entrance and look for the sign “Entrance “C” Outpatient Services”. Go to the third floor by taking elevator “A”. As you exit the elevator, ring the doorbell for the Sleep Lab and we will show you to your room.

While our lab site at the center is handicap accessible, if you have special needs for the sleep center, please call us at (740) 383.7760. We also offer showers and have available Wi-Fi.

Our OhioHealth sleep center is staffed by registered polysomnographic technologists and our board-certified physicians are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.