Riverside Methodist Hospital Nursing

Riverside Methodist Hospital Nursing

Riverside Methodist Hospital Nursing

The Riverside Methodist Hospital nursing team is revered for success in providing an exceptional patient experience, as well as sustaining an environment where nurses want to practice. Through implementation of relationship-based care, solid grounding in the core principles of Magnet®, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Riverside Methodist nurses consistently deliver on our pledge to respect the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients, families and our community through our nursing practice. Furthermore, our vision is that every nurse will be a leader in improving health across the continuum.

For this reason, we have embraced the components of Magnet: structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, new knowledge, innovations and improvements, and transformational leadership. Beyond the benefits to nursing culture, such as increased satisfaction, retention, autonomy, collaboration, and professional development, the Magnet® framework supports an increased level of evidence-based practice, improved quality outcomes, better satisfaction and safety for patients. 

Please take a moment to review Riverside’s professional practice model and our shared governance structure. We appreciate the dedication of all who have contributed to these improvements. If you are new to Riverside Methodist, welcome to our band of exceptional clinicians and team members! We hope you find inspiration in the work of your colleagues and that you will quickly discover how you can impact this work most effectively.

Learn about nursing career opportunities and and fellowship programs at OhioHealth.

Nursing Vision


Every nurse will be a leader in improving the health of those we serve.

Nursing practice is guided by the core values of OhioHealth — Compassion, Excellence, Stewardship, Integrity, Inclusion.

Professional Practice Model

Riverside Methodist’s Professional Practice Model is the overarching framework guiding our nurses and our nursing practice in the delivery of quality interprofessional patient care.

The Images of the Professional Practice Model

Circle represents the cyclical nature of life. Concepts essential to our practice include collaboration, care and communication.

Tree represents the relationships nurses have with self, patients/families, colleagues and our community.

Hands, formed into a heart, represents our diversity and our model of care, which is patient-centered, relationship-based care.

River represents those things that contribute to our professional practice, such as:

  • Shared Governance — shared decision-making.
  • Autonomy — making independent decisions using best practices to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes.
  • EBP/Research — patient care based on evidence.
  • Professional Development — programs and benefits promoting and rewarding professional growth.
  • Quality Outcomes —nurse-sensitive indicators and other metrics outperform the national benchmark.
  • Roots of the Tree — representing Riverside Methodist nursing as rooted in the core values of the organization, including our mission “to improve the health of those we serve.”

RMH Daisy Award Banner

Model of Care: Relationship-based Care (RBC)

RBC is a practice model that empowers nurses to impact lives and help others. It is built around three key relationships.

  1. Relationship with themselves.
  2. Relationship with co-workers.
  3. Relationship with patients and their families.

Building relationships establishes rapport, trust and connectedness with the caregiver, patient and family.

Shared Governance

Shared Governance is the structure supporting nurses’ participation in shared decision-making.

  • All nurses have the opportunity to participate in shared decision-making.
  • A culture of accountability and empowerment is created.
  • Nurses make decisions closest to where the work is happening.
  • Nurses focus on the patient experience and make positive changes in their care.
  • All nursing councils are in alignment with the priorities of the nursing strategic plan.
  • Talent management, greater professional development, and increased collaboration and communication among all nurses are supported.


  • DAISY Award: This is a quarterly individual award recognizing nurses who go above and beyond the call of duty. DAISY is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.
  • DAISY Leader Award: This is an annual award recognizing a nurse leader that role models OhioHealth’s values, mission, and vision; creates an environment of trust, compassion, and respect; motivates others to improve patient care; and promotes and enhances the image of nursing. DAISY is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.
  • Inspire: All associates are encouraged to recognize each other for everyday achievements and behaviors that support our values – compassion, excellence, stewardship, integrity, inclusion, innovation and risk-taking.
  • Nursing Excellence Week: This is a weeklong celebration of nursing excellence. Among the activities, each unit nominates a nurse who exemplifies the components of Magnet®.
  • Facet Nurse of the Year: The Nursing Week Committee selects one nurse of the year from the Nursing Excellence Week unit winners for going above and beyond and exemplifying the components of Magnet®
  • Spotlight Award: This is a quarterly team award recognizing departments for excellence in quality, safety, and service.

Meet a Few Recently Recognized Nurses

Elizabeth BertramRecent DAISY Award Winner - Elizabeth Bertram, MSN, RN, C-EFM

Elizabeth was recognized by one of her patients for her outstanding and life-saving care. Elizabeth cared for a patient whose pregnancy was complicated by PreE/HELLP Syndrome. Elizabeth discovered the patient was declining and needed a higher level of care to meet her needs. The patient said, “I was so sick and in a mental fog, completely unable to grasp what was wrong with me and unable to be my own advocate. Elizabeth was the advocate I needed and called the rapid response team.” The patient went on to acknowledge that Elizabeth saved her life affording her the ability to see her son grow up and experience milestones, birthdays, and hugs and kisses.

Rose DiehlRecent DAISY Nurse Leader Award Winner - Rose Diehl, BSN, RN-BC

Rose was recognized by one of her managers for taking on new projects and tasks with such ease and excitement. She frequently follows with orientees and their preceptors to identify any opportunities needed to support each associate through the orientation period. She also identified an opportunity to enhance the orientation experience and organized a unit preceptor development class. Rose provided all preceptors the tools and guidelines they needed to succeed and talked about how to work through certain situations. She also leads surprise mock codes, telemetry class, writes Magnet stories, and is involved in countless other projects throughout Riverside. Rose always goes above and beyond and we are so lucky to have such a dedicated educator on our units who truly cares about Riverside and its people.

Denisha CochranNursing Excellence Award Winner - Denisha Cochran, ADN, RN

Denisha was recognized for her leadership and compassion. She makes her patients feel well cared for and always advocates for their wellbeing. Denisha is very knowledgeable and always looks for ways to improve the unit and increase staff morale. She precepts new nurses and students and is always willing to help in any situation. Denisha was also recognized for being a true leader on the unit and for her involvement in unit-based committees. She is a great nurse and a great team player on the unit. Denisha was recognized as the bright star of the unit, especially during difficult times.

Katie RappFacet Nurse of the Year Winner - Katie Rapp, BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN

Katie was recognized for embodying and displaying multiple components of the Magnet model. Her drive and passion for new knowledge and innovation is apparent through her nursing practice. Katie has sought out multiple education opportunities, including becoming a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and obtaining her Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) and Trauma Certified Registered Nurse (TCRN) certifications. She is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at OSU. Katie was recognized for exemplifying teamwork and taking on multiple leadership roles including co-chair of the ED precepting committee, working many hours in the department as a preceptor, and participating in Shared Governance and the Trauma Focused Group. She is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable and also patient, kind, and caring for those new to the ED nursing specialty. Katie is a nurse, co-worker, and associate that any department or hospital would want to have on their team. She never fails to display her passion and love for the nursing profession.