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Patients and Visitors Guide for Kobacker House

Information for Your Stay at Kobacker House

It’s important to us that you and your guests feel at home. We will try to answer your questions and help you and your loved ones with any needs. Ask any of us if you need something you do not see. 



We have a family kitchen, called Stewart’s Café, where you may cook and store food, or eat a meal together.

Vending Machines

Snacks and drinks are available from vending machines in the family kitchen.

Brought In Food

Families may bring food in from home or restaurants.

Anytime Dining

We offer meals to our patients when they want to eat.

Our Conveniences

Overnight Stay

Visitors can come and go at any time, as you wish, and may stay overnight in the patient's room.


A shower is available for family and guests.

Fur Family Members

Pets are welcome to visit for a short time. Please supervise your pet during their visits.

Parking and Access
  • You can park outside the main entrance or on the east side of the building.
  • Use the main entrances for arriving and leaving Kobacker House. For safety reasons, please do not prop open doors.
  • We have lists of information about local restaurants, maps and lodging resources. These are available from staff or from wall racks.
For Your Comfort and Safety
  • Let staff know right away if you have a concern or need. Even if we look busy, go ahead and ask. You are why we are here.
  • Watch over children while they are here.
  • Use plastic containers outside on the patio — no glass.
  • We do not permit smoking or alcohol.
  • Help control the spread of cold or flu germs. Wash your hands well. Hand cleaner is available in each patient room.