Tobacco Cessation is a comprehensive behavioral program that helps you look at your smoking behavior, explore your reasons for quitting, develop an individualized plan to stop smoking, and provides you with skills to remain a nonsmoker for life. The decision to quit smoking is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

Stopping smoking will entail breaking strong physiological and psychological dependencies. People who are most successful in quitting, participate in a behavioral program and use a combination of therapies, such as nicotine replacement and other pharmacological agents.

The professionals at Grant Health and Fitness Center can assist you in designing the best step-by-step program for you to be successful. Outcome research on smoking cessation has shown the best results come from programs which offer a variety of techniques, good social support, behavior modification, and enough time for attitudes, habits and thoughts to change.

The program is based on the mind-body connection and encourages the use of relaxation response to help you maintain your nonsmoking status. We can also help you, when you're ready, develop a plan for fitness and weight management. We encourage awareness of thoughts and attitudes and help you identify the connections you may have to smoking.

Healthy thinking produces healthy behaviors. You are encouraged to take charge of your health decisions and develop a healthy lifestyle - which includes becoming a nonsmoker.

Remaining a nonsmoker is a life-long challenge. Our program was designed to provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish this task. We encourage the use of a follow-up support system for program graduates.

For more information or to start the program, please call (614) 566-8272 or (614) 566-9880.