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With OhioHealth's Epilepsy Treatment Program we offer comprehensive neuroscience care with unparalleled physician expertise for the diagnosis and treatment of epileptic seizures.

Our state-of-the-art approach includes a full diagnostic spectrum in our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit by dedicated epileptologists, who provide expert consultation and evaluation of seizures with specialized testing.

OhioHealth Epilepsy Treatment Program Specialists

Our epileptologists are focused on patient care, committed to working closely with you and your neurologist to find a successful treatment that will prevent your seizures and improve your quality of life.

  Emily Klatte Board-certified neurologist and neurophysiologist
Emily T. Klatte, MD
Board-certified neurologist, neurophysiologist and epileptologist
System Medical Chief, OhioHealth Epilepsy Program Director, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
  Bryan Berger Board-certified neurologist and neurophysiologist
Bryan K. Berger, MD, MHA, ABPN
Board-certified neurologist
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
 Jason Bisping
Jason R. Bisping, MD, ABPN
Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Denise Cambier Board-certified neurologist and neurophysiologist
Denise Cambier, MD
Board-certified neurologist and neurophysiologist
EEG testing

The Multidisciplinary Approach that Sets OhioHealth Apart

Our epileptologists work collaboratively with neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists in finding the best treatment for you, including medications, brain surgery and vagus nerve stimulation.

We work closely with your neurologist to help manage and monitor your seizures with medications.

If epileptic brain surgery becomes a treatment option, our epileptologists collaborate with OhioHealth neurosurgeons to determine if it is feasible and safe. This includes non-invasive and/or invasive electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring and evaluation and cortical stimulation and mapping for localization.

Post-surgery, we collaborate with referring neurologists to discuss next steps in the patient's care and provide continued management, if needed.

If vagus nerve stimulation becomes a treatment option, once the device has been implanted, we work closely with your neurologist to monitor your response and manage the levels of stimulation.

Pregnancy: Our epileptologists co-follow epilepsy patients who are pregnant or want to become pregnant with the program's maternal-fetal medicine specialist. Our program provides:

  • patient consultations with maternal-fetal medicine and epilepsy specialists
  • coordinated care with obstetrics
  • management of seizure medications in this high-risk condition

Psychology and Psychiatry Services : We consult with OhioHealth neuropsychologists and psychiatrists who provide diagnostic testing for the evaluation and treatment of intractable seizures. We also partner with the OhioHealth Behavioral Health team in instances where there's a need to treat depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Epileptic Treatment Information For Physicians

You may want to consider referring your patient for the following reasons:

  • Patient is having frequent seizures.
  • Patient does not respond to seizure medications.
  • Patient experiences spells of memory loss.

And also if you want to:

  • Determine if the patient is a surgery candidate.
  • Classify the seizure type.
  • Determine if seizures are epileptic or non-epileptic.
  • Capture the frequency, type and nature of the seizures.

Please use this form (PDF) to refer a patient.