Medical Education

Each year of the residency is divided into 13, four week blocks. All residents rotate through rotations as defined by the master curriculum list to ensure that everyone meets the AOA minimum residency requirements. The basic outline is described below and in an example of the detailed master schedule (PDF) that is available for preview.

6 blocks Orthopedic Surgery
1 block Pediatric Orthopedic surgery
1 block Trauma Orthopedic surgery
3 blocks Doctors Hospital Orthopedic Surgery
1 block Shoulder/Elbow Orthopedic Surgery
6 blocks medical/surgical rotations
2 blocks Doctors Hospital days
2 blocks Doctors Hospital nights
2 blocks Trauma
2 blocks Adult Reconstruction
2 blocks Sports
Variable exposure to Spine, Pediatric Orthopedics and Foot and Ankle
6 blocks Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery (majority of residents)
2 blocks Trauma
2 blocks Foot and Ankle
2 blocks Shoulder/Elbow
2 blocks Spine
Variable elective opportunities and Hand exposure
2 blocks Hand
2 blocks Doctors Hospital
2 Blocks Foot and Ankle
2 blocks Joints
2 blocks Trauma
1 block Musculoskeletal Oncology
Variable Sports, Shoulder/Elbow and Elective experience
2-3 blocks Doctors Hospital Chief
2 blocks Shoulder/Elbow
4 blocks Selective
2 blocks General Orthopedics
2 blocks Adult Reconstruction