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The heart of OhioHealth's clinical pastoral education (CPE) is ministry with people and learning through reflection, discussion and the evaluation of those encounters. Our action-reflection model of education addresses topics such as:

  • self-awareness
  • personal and professional identity formation
  • pastoral theology
  • behavioral science
  • pastoral reflection
  • self-supervision
  • spiritual assessment
  • systems theory
  • cross-cultural and interfaith issues
  • individual learning goals

OhioHealth CPE offers all three levels: Level I, Level II and Supervisory CPE.

Which OhioHealth CPE Program Is Right for Me?

Intern Units

OhioHealth offers two intern programs:  an 11-week intensive summer unit and a 30-week extended intern program, running from October through April.

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Residency Program

Our year-long residency program, beginning in September, offers an opportunity to earn credits for three units of CPE. This residency program provides excellent preparation for a career as a professional chaplain.

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Supervisory Resident Fellowship

A full-time, three- to four- year supervisory program is open to one candidate who has completed at least two units of Level II CPE and is interested in supervising CPE students.

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