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The Center for Blood Conservation at Grant

Our multidisciplinary team of blood conservation specialists is committed to providing the highest quality medical care possible - without blood transfusions. All of the physicians participating in this program have a high level of expertise in "transfusion-free" or bloodless procedures and work closely with you, respecting your personal choices and meeting your needs before, during and after procedures. For more information, contact The Center for Blood Conservation at (614) 566-8201.

Hospitals Providing Blood Conservation
Grant Medical Center  

What Is Bloodless Medicine?

Some patients do not wish to receive blood transfusions or other blood products from outside donors due to concerns about the possibility of blood-borne pathogens, viruses and disease. Others do not wish to receive donated blood because of religious beliefs. These patients opt to receive a whole new form of treatment known as bloodless medicine. Read more.  

Am I a Candidate for Bloodless Surgery?

Some operations and procedures work best with blood conservation techniques. That's why the first step in finding out whether or not you're a candidate for this type of service is to determine if your specific procedure or surgery can be performed with blood conservation. Read more.