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There are a number of benefits of bloodless surgery and blood conservation procedures. Blood conservation is a combination of surgical methods, dietary measures and other advanced techniques aimed at limiting the amount of blood lost during surgery. The universal goal with any blood conservation method is to eliminate the need for a blood transfusion. Opting to go with bloodless surgery instead of a transfusion eliminates the potential risk of illness that comes with a blood transfusion, which includes HIV, hepatitis and more.

The Center for Blood Conservation at Grant Medical Center is able to use the latest technology and techniques in not only conserving your blood, but in ensuring that you experience the minimum amount of blood loss during any procedure.

There are additional benefits of bloodless surgery as well. If you know you are going to have a surgery that includes the possibility of considerable blood loss, conserving your blood during the surgery would naturally be an ideal course of action. Blood conservation also provides a unique benefit for those with religious convictions that do not allow for blood transfusions. Blood conservation makes it possible for these individuals to undergo complicated, life-saving surgeries that were once impossible without a transfusion.

By choosing to use blood conservation services, Grant Medical Center patients are able to undergo a variety of surgeries and medical procedures without a transfusion, including:

  • General Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery
  • And many others

Bloodless surgery and blood conservation techniques can be utilized by just about anyone in nearly every situation, so it is a practice that should be considered and discussed with your physician.

Blood conservation is a safe and smart way to cover all your bases should you need medical care. By using the latest techniques and technologies in blood conservation, The Center for Blood Conservation at Grant Medical Center is able to effectively manage your blood for a transfusion-free procedure.