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Sports Medicine

Golf Clinic

Golf Clinic for Players in Central Ohio

We offer help for players at any level. Our team will create a plan designed to improve your golf performance, including physical and mental approaches to the game.

Looking for a way to improve your golf game? We'll assess your current swing, recommend adjustments to protect healthy muscles and joints, and deliver personalized physical, psychological and nutritional strategies to enhance your performance. 

Golf Clinic Assessments

Consultation and Assessment
We discuss your goals and concerns, assess your current health and then begin to develop your personalized strategy for golf game improvement. This will be done by Thomas Hospel, MD, PGA Tour medical director.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screen 
Our TPI-certified physical therapist assesses your biomechanics, range of motion and core strength to identify any physiological concerns or potential risks for overuse injuries.

Corrective Exercise Program
Once any inefficiencies or imbalances are identified in your golf swing, we construct a personalized exercise plan that helps you counterbalance those concerns.

Golf Swing Analysis
Our experts analyze every stage of your swing and suggest techniques to sharpen your golf game. 

Sport Psychology Session
Golf is a mental game, and psychological obstacles can be as significant as physical ones. Our sports psychologists can help you work through any issues that might be keeping you from your best performance. Learn more.

Nutrition Counseling
Whether you need to build lean muscle, maintain a healthy weight or choose the right foods for hydration and recovery, our sports nutritionists will point you in the right direction. Learn more.


A Team of Sports Medicine Specialists Focused on You

When you have an active lifestyle, you don't want to take time away from the sport you love. Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists from disciplines such as nutritionsports psychology and rehabilitation. We're on your team, focused on helping you achieve your cycling goals. We can help connect you to other experts in nutrition, sports psychology and rehabilitation.

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