Community Giving Request

Community Giving Request

Community Giving Request

OhioHealth Community Giving Guidelines

As a faith-based, non-profit health system, our mission is “to improve the health of those we serve”. Serving other non-profit organizations through community giving is an important part of the continuum in living out our mission. OhioHealth accepts requests based on criteria and timing outlined in these guidelines.

OhioHealth will consider support for the following organizations:

  • 501(c)3 or 501(c)6
  • In alignment with OhioHealth’s mission, vision, values and strategic focus areas, and/or address community health needs, including: health equity, mental health/addiction, chronic disease and maternal health
  • Located in communities where OhioHealth is located and serves
  • Advances diversity and inclusion
  • Offers the opportunity to educate our key audiences
  • Provides a comprehensive proposal including all levels of support, and the option for category exclusivity

OhioHealth does not support:

  • Organizations that conflict with OhioHealth mission, vision, and values
  • Organizations that discriminate
  • Any events held at a gambling establishment or events that involve gambling or gambling-like activities
  • Individualized local sports organizations or school-affiliated groups/clubs
  • Political candidates/organizations
  • Third party fundraising


  • OhioHealth operates on a July 1 through June 30 fiscal year.
  • Your application must be received at least 90 days prior to your event date in order to maximize any benefits provided. (For example: If your event date is in June, your application must be received by March 31).

Cycle Deadlines:


Application Due

Cycle 1

March 31

Cycle 2

June 30

Cycle 3

September 30

Cycle 4

December 31


Due to the high volume of requests that we receive, all charitable sponsorship opportunities must be submitted via this website for consideration.

Please complete this form and then click on the submit button. Note that failure to complete all requested fields may delay our response and result in decline of your sponsorship proposal.

General Information

About the Organization

Geographical area served* (select all that apply)

Funding Request

Type of Request*

Type of Request * (select all that apply)
In the event that OhioHealth approves the attached community giving proposal, I acknowledge and understand that OhioHealth is a non-profit health system that follows a NET-55 payment cycle*

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Information

When we seek diverse perspectives and opportunities with positive intention and curiosity and give people a voice in the decisions that affect their lives, we are honoring the dignity and worth of each person.

Please answer the following questions based on your organization’s current diversity, equity, and inclusion status. The answers to these questions will not affect your community giving funding outcome, but will help OhioHealth better understand our diversity, equity, and inclusion reach and impact.

Please select how your organization advances diversity, equity, and inclusion. Check all that apply*
Please select the racial/ethnic group the proceeds from this event most directly benefits. Check all that apply*



Should you have any additional questions, please email us at Thank you!