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Employment drug testing is becoming more common in both the public and private sectors. Many businesses require their employees to pass regular substance testing to ensure their safety on the job as well as that of other workers and the public. Most commonly, WorkHealth provides workplace drug testing services to these employers, such as administering breath alcohol tests.

Your employer may require a negative drug or alcohol test result before considering you for employment. Workplace drug testing will often continue after hire, including random drug testing or as follow-up to a positive test result.

Preparing for employment drug testing with WorkHealth? Here are the steps to take and what to expect:

1. An appointment is not necessary for a drug or alcohol screen only. However, if you prefer to have an appointment, please call (614) 566-WORK (9675) to schedule at one of our WorkHealth Centers.
2. Plan to arrive at WorkHealth about 15 minutes before your appointment. You will have some preliminary paper work and a medical history form to complete upon arrival.
3. Bring your photo ID to your appointment.
4. Plan for your appointment to take 30-45 minutes.
5. If you are having a drug screening, a WorkHealth clinician will be asking you to provide a urine sample. Please be prepared to do so.
6. The findings from your exam will be sent to your employer.
7. The results of negative drug screens are typically available within 1 business day of your WorkHealth visit.
8. If your drug screen test result comes back positive, a Medical Review Physician will contact you and give you an opportunity to provide information on any prescription medications you may be taking that can explain the positive result. If a result is explained by a prescription medication, WorkHealth reports the test result as negative (passing) to your employer.


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