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Find answers to your Top 5 WorkHealth questions

1. Can WorkHealth provide services at my facility?
Most of the WorkHealth services can be provided right at your workplace. From a full-scale onsite medical clinic for your workers and their dependants to episodic drug and alcohol testing, we can come to you to avoid employee downtime and reduce costs.

2. How can my business get started with WorkHealth?
Simply call (614) 566-WORK (9675) and ask to be connected with Sales. An experienced Account Executive will work with you to determine how we can help you find the solutions you need.

3. Where can I find a list of WorkHealth locations and hours of operation?
Visit Our Locations page to see a complete list and download a printable map.

4. Can my employees simply walk-in to a WorkHealth location for care or do they need an appointment?
Appointments are suggested for all WorkHealth visits in order for your employees or job candidates to be seen quickly by the WorkHealth medical staff. Call (614) 566-WORK (9675) for appointments at all WorkHealth Centers.

5. Where do I send my employees when WorkHealth is closed?
Medical care can be provided 24 hours/day, seven days/week through our network of central Ohio urgent care centers and the emergency departments at our hospital locations. See After-Hours Care for a listing of locations.

Answers to more questions

1. What businesses should consider partnering with an occupational health provider?
WorkHealth is a good fit for employers looking for ways to control healthcare costs or looking for dedicated experts in the field of occupational health.

2. What industries does WorkHealth provide care for?
WorkHealth provides care for any industry - from construction, manufacturing, distribution and transportation, as well as service-related and retail industries.

3. How can WorkHealth help me better control my rising healthcare costs?
WorkHealth can evaluate where your healthcare dollars are being spent and then develop an action plan and timeline for improvement.

  • We can help prevent injuries through ergonomic assessments, injury prevention education and awareness.
  • We can help facilitate and increase communication among injured workers, employers, physicians and employers' third party administrators or managed care organizations.
  • WorkHealth can identify behaviors that lead to increased risk of medical issues.
  • Additionally, we can provide effective wellness initiatives to alter these behaviors, including education and associate incentives, such as monitoring progress and rewarding success.

4. Can WorkHealth customize its service offerings for my business?
WorkHealth will first work to understand your specific needs, and then design options to help your company get the results you need.

5. Can employees visit any WorkHealth facility?
Most WorkHealth services, such as work-related injury care, drug screens, physical exams and mandated testing, are provided at all of the WorkHealth Centers.

6. Do WorkHealth physicians serve as or replace employees' regular physicians?
WorkHealth physicians specialize in occupational medicine, just like a cardiologist specializes in caring for your heart. When a WorkHealth physician discovers a medical condition that requires regular monitoring by a medical professional, employees will be referred for follow-up with their primary care provider.

7. What should employees or job candidates bring when they visit WorkHealth?

  • All employees or job candidates must bring a photo ID to their visit.
  • Employers should send with the employee or job candidate any company forms they would like completed by the WorkHealth clinical team.
  • If an employee or job candidate will be having immunizations during their visit, they should bring their record of past immunizations.
  • If an employee was injured at work and initially treated at an Urgent Care or Emergency Department, the employee should bring their medical documentation from the visit with them to WorkHealth.

8. How long is the average wait time at WorkHealth?
The average wait time at WorkHealth is 22 minutes.

9. How long does it take to get drug testing results?
Negative drug screen results are reported within one business day of the test being performed. Positive results require review by a Medical Review Officer and, therefore, typically take 48-72 hours to report to the employer.

10. Who do I contact to discuss my WorkHealth billing statement?
Call (614) 566-WORK (9675) and ask for the Business Office to discuss any questions or concerns about a WorkHealth billing statement or payment.

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