Healthcare Services and Programs

Our work health and safety program provides a combination of nationally recognized hospitals and specialists that can't be beat by other central Ohio employee work health programs. Partnering with WorkHealth means you and your employees have access to:

We make it easy to keep your employees healthy and safe on the job and return them to work quickly following an injury or illness, thanks to our multiple WorkHealth Centers and the option to bring care onsite. We support businesses across central Ohio when it comes to building their healthy workforce.


The WorkHealth Providers

Meet our dedicated occupational health providers delivering customized care to you and your employees.


Two Convenient Ways for Care
WorkHealth Centers
Visit one of our multiple, conveniently located centers around central Ohio.
Onsite At Your Business
Bring WorkHealth programs and services to your workplace.

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* Chapman LS. Meta-evaluation of worksite health promotion economic return studies. The Art of Health Promotion. 2003; 6(6):1-16