Medical Education

Thirty years ago, doctors at Riverside Methodist Hospital established a foundation fund to further medical education. Today, their vision is being realized through a gift from that fund by Riverside's Graduate Medical Education Committee, providing $5 million in initial funding for the Center for Medical Education and Innovation™.

Physician leadership
Physicians led both the conceptual and development phases of the facility.

The Graduate Medical Education Committee who are responsible for implementation of the Center include:

Kevin Schroeder, M.D.Amy A. Imm, M.D.
Thomas J. Boes, M.D.

Elizabeth Koffler, M.D.

Edward T. Bope, M.D.Carl A. Krantz, M.D.
Douglas J. Knutson, M.D.Doug DiOrio, M.D.
Victoria Ruff, M.D.Jeffrey Milks, M.D.
Seth Sumit, M.D.Thomas A. Morse, M.D.
Amy Imm, M.D.Oscar R. Ruiz, M.D.
Laurence Blosser, M.D.Louis J. Unverferth, M.D.

Community support
Just as important, the Center illustrates how not-for-profit, community healthcare organizations, like Riverside and OhioHealth, rely on the philanthropic investment of a generous community to improve the quality of care and service they provide.

The contribution of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, combined with the support of private contributions to the OhioHealth Foundation, will benefit all of central Ohio by assuring patients of the highest quality healthcare from medical professionals with the most advanced training, delivered in the safest possible healthcare environment.

Commemorative opportunities
The following commemorative opportunities are available in recognition of the generous individuals and corporations who join in this effort to further advance the field of medicine.

Conference Learning Suite$500,000
Media Control Center$30,000
Distance Learning Suite$200,000
Conference Hall$150,000
Conference Rooms (2)$50,000 / each
Virtual Care Unit™  
Operating Room Simulation$300,000
Trauma Simulation$200,000
Procedure/ICU Simulation$150,000
Treatment/Unit Bed Simulation$100,000
Debriefing/Observation Rooms (1 of 2)$25,000 / each
Laboratory Skills Center$250,000
Minimally Invasive Cath Lab$150,000
Clinical Skills Laboratory$100,000
Microvascular Laboratory$75,000
Laparoscopy Laboratory$50,000
Exam Rooms (2)Reserved
Medical Art $5,000 / each

For more information about how to contribute to the Center, please contact the OhioHealth Foundation at (614) 566-GIVE (4483) or visit the OhioHealth Foundation online to learn more.