For Active Individuals

Sports Medicine Videos

Beware of Common Injuries for Bicyclists
When spring-like weather rolls around, pull out your bike and hit the pavement. Whether you ride for fun or competition, learn how to prevent common bicycle injuries.

Get Fit For Spring
The end of winter can trigger a "get fit for spring" mind-set that often leads to injury when unused muscles become active again. Instead of a seasonal fitness approach, maintain regular activity all year long with these exercises.

Fuel For Your Body
Eating your fruits and veggies is every bit as important as your mom used to tell you. Get our guide to giving your body the foods you need to function at your best.

Healthy Eating
Food for thought: Let’s get back to the basics. Better food behavior starts with basic nutrition and healthful habits.

Train, Eat & Compete
Mix up your meals during training to kick-start your competition. Your body needs a variety of fuels, before during and after strenuous workout activities.

Do You Need a Dietitian?
From sports performance to food prep, if seeing a specialist is something you’ve considered, take a look at the top 10 reasons for consultation in sports dietetics.

For Runners

How to Start a Running or Walking Program
Trying a new sport or exercise routine is a common cause of injury. Follow these simple steps to reduce your risk when you start a running or walking program.

The Facts on Running Barefoot
The minimalist approach to footwear has become popular for running and walking enthusiasts. Understand the benefits and risks before you kick-off your sneakers.

Runner's Nutrition
The food you eat is your fuel to compete. See what our experts recommend for before, during, and after training and competition.

For Student Athletes

Hydration Tips for Student Athletes
Dehydration can increase effort, heart rate and the risk of overheating. Learn how best to stay hydrated before, during and after activity.

Meal Tips for Student Athletes
Choosing foods with the right nutrients to power you before a game and refresh you after is important. Get recommendations on when and what to eat.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Student Athletes
Trying to gain or lose weight? Understand the safe and effective strategies to build or maintain muscle mass.

Better Eating, Best Gymnastics
Learn which foods will improve your gymnastics performance. From back handsprings to splits, a solid nutrition foundation will impact your energy and endurance.

Youth Tournament Nutrition
Train with the fuel you need to bring home first place. Get advice on the best food and fluids for before, during and after any competition.

Snacks for Student Athletes
Carbs, protein and lots of control. Fuel your athlete with smart choices and healthful snacks to keep them in the game.