Sports Medicine Videos

Dr. Bright's Race Day Tips (pdf)
Dr. Darrin Bright provides great advice for all runners on race day about what to do before, during and immediately after a race. 

Top 5 Recovery Foods (pdf)
For best muscle recovery, choose good sources of carbohydrates, protein and fluids within 30 minutes of a workout. 

Barefoot Running (pdf)
Determine if barefoot running is right for you and advice for transitioning to avoid injuries.

Endurance Academy (pdf)
Learn how to incorporate endurance, speed, strength and flexibility to enhance your athletic performance. A team of sports medicine experts integrate education, training and research to provide athletes with a scientifically based individualized training program.

Importance of Good Hygiene (pdf)
Recognize the most common forms of skin infections for athletes and the importance of taking proper care of yourself and athletic equipment.

Ohio House Bill 143 Return to Play Law (pdf)
Know the signs and symptoms of concussions, when to seek treatment and when it’s safe for student athletes to return to playing sports.

Hockey Stretches (pdf)
Learn the proper technique for incorporating stretches before and after physical activity to reduce the risk of injury.

Sever’s Disease (pdf)
The most common cause of heel pain in children who play sports could be Sever’s Disease.  Learn about the causes, signs, symptoms and how it should be treated in young athletes.

Plantar Fasciitis (pdf)
The most common cause of heel pain in active adults could be Plantar Fasciitis.  Learn about the causes, signs, symptoms and how relieve heel pain.

Warm up and Cool down (pdf)
Whatever the sport or activity, muscles need to warm up and cool down to achieve optimal performance. Learn warm up and cool down techniques to prevent injuries.

Healthy Eating (pdf)
Food for thought: Let’s get back to the basics. Better food behavior starts with basic nutrition and healthful habits.

Train, Eat & Compete (pdf)
Mix up your meals during training to kick-start your competition. Your body needs a variety of fuels, before during and after strenuous workout activities.

Hydration Tips for Student Athletes (pdf)
Dehydration can increase effort, heart rate and the risk of overheating. Learn how best to stay hydrated before, during and after activity.

Youth Tournament Nutrition (pdf)
Train with the fuel you need to bring home first place. Get advice on the best food and fluids for before, during and after any competition.

Snacks for Student Athletes (pdf)
Carbs, protein and lots of control. Fuel your athlete with smart choices and healthful snacks to keep them in the game.

Gearing Up For Winter Weather Running (pdf)
Winter weather comes with dropping temperatures, wind, sleet, and snow. Finding the motivation to run in winter weather can be a challenge, but with the proper layers, you'll be prepared for running strong when the temperature drops.

Healthy Weight for Student Athletes (pdf)
Student athletes need to maintain a healthy weight for optimal sports performance. Learn tips on how to successfully gain or lose weight effectively.

 Meal Tips for Student Athletes  (pdf)
A proper diet is necessary for energy during competition, and recovery after. Learn tips on the proper food to eat, before and after competition.

Foam Rolling (pdf)
Learn the best foam rolling techniques for recovery from strenuous workouts.

Dynamic Stretching (pdf)
Stretching is vital to preventing injury during a workout. Learn how to incorporate dynamic stretching into your routine to maximize your workout.

Patella Femoral Syndrome (Runner's Knee) (pdf)
Learn about symptoms, potential causes and the treatment and future prevention of Runner's Knee.