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Sports Physical Therapy that gets you back in action

Occasionally you experience an injury that requires a little extra help to get everything moving the way it should. Our team of physicians, sports physical therapists and athletic trainers have specialized training to help you get back to your best, quickly and safely.

Partnering with our imaging team, our physicians will diagnosis your injury and determine the best path of sports physical therapy and rehabilitation for each patient.

We treat junior high and high school athletes, professional athletes, and active adults with the same goal: getting them moving again, sooner.

Our sports medicine patients can choose any of OhioHealth's 11 convenient sports medicine physical therapy locations or one of our over 20 imaging locations for their treatment and learn why our OhioHealth Rehabilitation program has received national recognition for better outcomes and fewer number of visits required to treat your injury. When it comes to sports physical therapy, our team takes and individualized approach for all of our patients to come up with the best treatment to address their injuries and specific needs. 

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The right coach makes all the difference

We'll pair you with a sports therapist that understands your athletic performance goals. The therapist will make sure you get the most out of every sports physical therapy session you attend -one rep, one lift, one squat, one stretch at a time, we'll help you get stronger, move faster, and improve movement so you can perform at your best.

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