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Professional athletes require world-class sports medicine treatment to ensure peak conditioning and maximum time in the game. That's why the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets and the MLS' Columbus Crew tapped OhioHealth's Sports Medicine physicians as official team physicians. Our expertise in sports medicine helps these professional athletes recover from sports-related injuries and perform at their best during their games. 

And, we're honored to be a part of the team.

Columbus Blue Jackets

See the Columbus Blue Jackets play at the OhioHealth Ice Haus.

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Team Physicians Since 2000

A physically demanding game with a grueling season, hockey sees sports injuries ranging from broken bones to torn muscles and concussions. Our sports medicine physicians are at every game (look for us at the OhioHealth Ice Haus!), equipped with decades of expertise and providing immediate diagnosis from the moment the puck drops.

OhioHealth Team Physicians

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Columbus Crew

OhioHealth Sports Medicine has been on the sidelines the Columbus Crew for more than 15 years.

crew logoTeam Physicians Since 1997

The OhioHealth sports Medicine team has been on the Columbus Crew's sidelines for more than 15 years. Our team includes fellowship-trained sports medicine experts and regularly treats concussions, Achilles tendon ruptures, shin splints, torn ACLs and many more sports injuries resulting from the hard-cutting, stop-and-go playing style of professional soccer. We keep the Crew's players in top shape and get them back on the pitch as quickly as possible so they can play at their optimal level at every game.

OhioHealth Team Physicians

Other team physicians: Roger Wilt, MD, Scott Johnson, MD

Head athletic trainer: Craig Devine, AT

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