OhioHealth provides required CPR and Pupil Activity Permit (PAP) training at OhioHealth facilities. We offer this training FREE to coaches who are affiliated with OhioHealth high school sports teams. Coaches at non-affiliated schools are welcome to attend but will be charged a $20 fee to attend. Please bring any payments to class. We accept cash and check payments only. To check your school's Sports Medicine affiliation ask your athletic trainer or visit our website,

We want to make sure every coach has this life-saving training.

Stephanie Cepec:

 CPR and PAP training
To learn more about these requirements, visit the Ohio Department of Education website.

Register for a Heartsaver CPR and AED course: This two-hour class is an American Heart Association community course for coaches.

Intended participates are typically members of a coaching staff for a high school or middle school athletic team. Other interested parties may include Athletic Directors, Facility Managers, Marching Band Directors and/or Referees.

The class is two hours in length and will cover the following topics: Adult CPR, Adult Choking, Child CPR, Child Choking and AED

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May 19; 4:30 p.m. at Westerville Medical Campus


Register for a PAP course: This two-hour basic sports medicine course will satisfy the Ohio Department of Education requirements for coaching certification.

Course participants are typically middle school or high school coaches, athletic administrators and/or referees.

The course content includes: health concerns, nutrition, hydration, supplements/drugs, injuries, first aid, emergency planning and weather concerns.

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May 19; 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Westerville Medical Campus