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Sports Medicine

Thrower's Clinic

Sports Medicine

Thrower's Clinic

Thrower's Clinic for Rotational Athletes

When your sport demands hard, accurate throwing to be at the top of your game, OhioHealth's Thrower's Clinic can help you get there.

If you're a rotational athlete, such as a baseball or softball player, you depend on a strong arm and good form to perform your best. OhioHealth Thrower's Clinic is a comprehensive performance program that focuses on improving your health, durability, throwing speed and accuracy.

Throwing Evaluations for Rotational Athletes

Our Thrower's Clinic includes a personalized evaluation to assess your muscle flexibility and strength and your throwing form. Over three, one-on-one sessions you'll work with Dean Taylor, an athletic trainer who specializes in sports medicine and is a National Pitching Association-certified coach. Each individualized session includes evaluations, drills and exercises to improve your strength and skills.

Session One

Our throwing specialist will conduct a biomechanical screening that measures your functional flexibility and assesses muscular imbalances. Also included is videotaping of your throwing form from multiple angles.

Session Two

You'll review the results of your video analysis and screening. Based on those findings, our trainer will provide throwing drills and exercises to correct your throwing mechanic. You'll also receive an individualized strength program to improve health, stamina and performance.

Session Three

Your trainer will check your progress and evaluate how the new machanics of your form are working and make adjustments as necessary.

Sports Medicine Specialists Focused on You

We make it simple and convenient to participate in the Thrower's Clinic- you don't need a physician's referral and group and team rates are available. Call (614) 566.1786 for details and to register for the clinic.

Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists from disciplines such as nutritionsports psychology and rehabilitation. We make is easy to get comprehensive services from a wide continuum of care. Many of our sports medicine experts are like you - current or former athletes who understand the drive to stay active, improve and perform well. We're on your team, focused on helping you achieve your throwing goals.