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Palliative Care

Palliative Care

Palliative medicine can help relieve the pain, suffering and stress of a serious illness or medical condition.

Palliative care may be right for you or someone you know suffering from persistent pain and suffering. Our care team will work with your doctor toward your goals – whether they include treatment, healing and curing, or just comfort and symptom relief.

Ask your doctor about the benefits of palliative medicine and if a referral into our program is right for you or your loved one. This special type of care can help most when it’s started earlier in the progression of an illness.

Conditions Helped by Palliative Care

OhioHealth’s palliative team is staffed by people who have a heart for the challenges of these and other serious conditions. We strive to understand and support your unique expectations, needs, hopes and fears.

Treatment includes:

  • Relief of all active issues and difficulties associated with serious illness
  • Prevention of new issues or complications
  • Encouragement toward meaningful and valuable experiences, including personal and spiritual growth and quality of life

Palliative Care Is Not Hospice Care

OhioHealth can provide palliative care at any point in your illness. It can be provided at the same time as treatment directed toward curing you.

Although they are sometimes confused, palliative medicine and hospice services are not the same. Hospice care is provided only when death is imminent or an individual’s end-of-life prognosis is just six months or less.

Your Doctor, Your Goals

During palliative care, you do not need to stop treatment. You can still see your current doctor. We work within your doctor’s treatment plan while you are in the hospital. At every step, we’ll respect your goals. We work closely with your family and loved ones. However, you remain in control of your care. You can choose to stop palliative care at any time.