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Supportive Care and Survivorship

Cancer Care

Supportive Care and Survivorship

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Survivorship Support

Life after cancer is a journey. We’re here to help.

You may feel determined to jump back into your life as it was before cancer, but it’s not always easy. We offer programs that can help make the transition.

Our Services and Programs

Cancer survivorship doesn't mean you are free of cancer's effects. It's about adjusting to the changes brought on by cancer diagnosis and treatment. It can also mean facing financial issues, even if you have insurance. Without help, surviving cancer can feel stressful and overwhelming. We will guide you through what comes next, with the following offerings — so you can enjoy your life in your new normal.

Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan 

Your Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan is a written summary of the care you received and guidelines for ongoing surveillance by your OhioHealth healthcare provider or navigator, after you’ve completed treatment.

Survivorship Clinics

Survivorship Clinics help you and your family overcome challenges as you transition from active cancer treatment to survivorship. Our clinics focus on education, symptom management, cancer prevention and wellness to identify your issues and concerns related to the physical, emotional and other effects of cancer treatment. During your first visit, you and a team of cancer survivorship experts will discuss:

  • Cancer screening recommendations
  • Managing late and long-term side effects of cancer treatment
  • Emotional and social effects of cancer treatment
  • Information about healthy behaviors
  • The role of genetic counseling in cancer survivorship

Weight Management for Cancer Survivors

Weight Management for Cancer Survivors is a program that helps survivors achieve and maintain a healthy weight as diet and activity play an important role in cancer survivorship. Our eight-week program gives you the tools and skills you need to manage your diet and modify your lifestyle by:

  • Tying education about nutrition and weight management to cancer risks
  • Debunking myths about food and food additives and their relationship to cancer
  • Offering cancer-specific exercise tips, including the use of resistance bands and chair exercises

Cancer Survivor Run/Walk Club

Cancer Survivor Run/Walk Club is a multi-week, virtual training program that gives cancer patients and survivors the physical and emotional support they need to take their first steps forward, with the goal of completing our very own virtual race as a group, joined by friends, family, and supporters.

  • All levels of experience are welcome.
  • Anyone can train with you virtually.
  • You will receive online support via a training plan, weekly emails, and access to an exclusive Facebook group for our members during training.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in live, virtual group workouts with other club members and with OhioHealth associates.
  • You will have access to other health and wellness opportunities, including virtual, educational presentations from expert physicians.

To join the run/walk club, call Emily Finn, licensed physical therapist at (614) 897.0304 or email for more details. 

Cancer Survivorship Lecture Series 

The OhioHealth Cancer Survivorship Lecture Series travels to hospitals throughout the OhioHealth system providing education, advice and fellowship to survivors and their families on a variety of topics.The series is held throughout the year. There are a variety of topics presented, including finding your new normal after cancer and cancer prevention and detection. For more information call OhioHealth CancerCall at (614) 566.4321 or 1 (800) 752.9119.