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Our Radiation Oncology Team

Dedicated Radiation Oncology Expertise

OhioHealth’s team of highly skilled radiation oncology specialists are here to support you throughout your treatment. Your radiation therapy team includes many healthcare professionals who contribute their expertise to your care.

Providers Contributing to Your Cancer Care

Radiation oncologists will plan, oversee and monitor your progress and adjust your treatments as needed. Other key contributors include medical dosimetrists who develop your treatment plan and calculate your exact dose of radiation.

A medical physicist will help design your treatment routines, take precise measurements of the radiation beam, and monitor equipment and procedures. He or she will ensure that you receive the prescribed dose of radiation.

OhioHealth’s specially trained radiation oncology nurses will care for you and your loved ones during your radiation treatments. They’ll coordinate your care while also providing personalized education and support. Our specialized nurses will let you know what to expect. They’ll answer any questions you may have about side effects and show you how to manage them if they occur. Radiation oncology nurses can also help you cope with any physical or emotional changes you may experience.

Radiation therapists are the specially licensed therapists who administer your daily radiation treatment under your doctor’s prescription and supervision.

When you need various types of customized assistance, patient navigators can help. They’re here to guide you and your family at every step. They can help with all the tasks, decisions, emotions and physical effects that can accompany radiation treatment.

OhioHealth patient navigators understand how to guide you through every aspect of your treatment – from appointment details to specialist referrals. He or she can answer your questions and put you in touch with support services and resources.

Your cancer team includes research experts, as well as genetic counselors. Their leading-edge expertise can help as you make informed decisions about your health.

OhioHealth is a certified member of MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center – a world-renowned leader in cancer care. The OhioHealth collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Network allows us to combine the best of what we provide locally with the expertise of one of the nation’s leading cancer hospitals so we can better serve you.