Medical Education

What sets Riverside Medical Education apart from the others?
We place a strong emphasis on the personal and professional development of house staff. This is accomplished in many ways. The most effective way to address this aspect of medical training is by having strong role models who will guide and assist you as you progress through the residency.

We are very confident that our faculty not only model the finest professional behaviors, but also take a genuine interest in your education and well-being.

Mentorship and advisory program exist to match you with a faculty member who will be your mentor and advisor.

In the Family Medicine Program, residents meet in small groups each week to share the "challenges" of the week and to express their reactions to situations experienced in the clinical or personal arena.

There are also curricular offerings that help prepare you to deal with difficult situations, such as telling a family that a loved one has died, identifying signs of impairment in a colleague; addressing ethical issues in medicine and relating effectively to other health professionals.

Two intern retreats focus on stress management, and developing the appropriate coping mechanisms to function fully as a physician. A retreat in the second year focuses on developing leadership skills and teaching skills.

In addition to the above approaches, there are available support services should problems arise for which you, or your family, need professional support.

We believe, however, that the best way to approach personal and professional development is analogous to medical care so our emphasis is upon taking a "preventative" approach by establishing a caring supportive environment.

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