Medical Education

Annual Salary
PGY-1   $50,648
PGY-2   $52,520
PGY-3   $54,392
PGY-4   $57,200
PGY-5   $59,592
PGY-6   $60,736
PGY-7   $61,464

Personal/Educational Benefits/Extra Benefits

  • Vacation time - Three weeks vacation per contract year.  An additional four days are given at either Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.
  • Meals/Stipend - An annual stipend is provided to cover meals while on duty and other work expenses such as mileage and parking when rotating outside the hospital.
  • Parental Leave - Residents may use paid or unpaid leave for a total of 6 weeks maternity, 2 weeks paternity, or 2 weeks adoption leave.
  • Lab Coats - Scrubs and two monogrammed lab coats are provided yearly to residents at no cost.
  • Parking - Hospital parking privileges are provided in a well lit, secure lot free of charge.
  • Recreation Program/ Fitness center - An active recreation program is provided to all residents including intramural volleyball, basketball, and softball.  A fitness trail for walking is located on Riverside's campus.  Utilization of the McConnell Heart Health Center for physical fitness and other areas of wellness is free of charge to residents..
  • Living Quarters - Living quarters are furnished by the hospital when the resident is scheduled for overnight duty.  The resident lounge is equipped with computers, television and space to relax.  Each sleep room is equipped with a television and computer.
  • Sick Leave - Resident's have 5 days of paid sick leave every year to use if needed.
  • Child Care Center - A day care center located on the Riverside campus is available for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age.  Full-time and part-time enrollment plans are available.  There is a fee for the day care center services.
  • Educational Conferences- Residents in their second, third, fourth and fifth year may attend an educational conference with reimbursement up to $1,800 each year. Additional reimbursement may be awarded for scholarly work or presentation of research.


  • Health and Dental Insurance - Medical, vision, and dental insurance is available to residents and their families with the resident paying a portion of the total premiums.
  • Disability Insurance - Disability insurance is provided for each resident at no cost to the resident.
  • Professional Liability Insurance- Riverside's self-insurance program assumes liability for the acts of all housestaff members incurred in the performance of normal duties.  Liability coverage is as follows:
    • The self-retention level is $5,000,000 for any one (1) medical incident.
    • The self-retention level is $25,000,000 for the annual aggregate.
    • Above these limits, we carry a $70,000,000 umbrella policy through Intel Health Services Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Life Insurance- Group term life insurance is offered at several levels to help meet your need for financial protection.  The cost varies depending on the amount of insurance you choose.


  • Credit Union
  • Resume preparation and job placement services
  • Tax-sheltered annuity and financial planner

Riverside Methodist Hospital Department of Medical Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer.