Medical Education

 ICU QuickFacts
  • Capacity: 32 beds
  • Average daily census: 22-24
  • 1:1 - 1:3 staffing ratios
  • Self-scheduling
  • Individualized orientation
  • Variety of shift options
  • Medical and surgical patients
  • Average length of stay: 4.5 days
 Common procedures include
  • Intubations and extubations
  • Chest tube placement
  • Central line and Swan-Ganz insertions
  • Thoracentesis
  • Dialysis therapy
  • Continuous renal replacement therapy

Riverside's Intensive Care Unit offers the best of both the art and science of nursing. At Riverside, we have combined the latest trends in medicine and technology with a focus on caring for people. Quality and service define our culture of excellence.

Our Intensive Care Unit is supported by the finest nurses, teaching physicians and multidisciplinary teams working together to make a critical difference in our patients' lives. At Riverside, the Intensive Care Unit is more than a diverse mix of medical and surgical patients; it is teamwork, continuous learning, innovation and a positive work environment for nurses.

In Riverside's Intensive Care Unit, we are creating an environment of excellence, which includes Team Rounds to guide every patient's care. Medical staff, nurses, respiratory therapists, clinical dietitians, pharmacists, social workers and case managers work together to assure that our patients' physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. Riverside's Intensive Care Unit is state of the art in every one of the 32 rooms. Ventilators, Swan-Ganz catheters, central lines, arterial lines, and continuous renal replacement therapy are commonly utilized in our patient care. Innovative treatment modalities continually challenge nursing staff to learn more, do more and be more.

Critical Care nurses choose Riverside's Intensive Care Unit to gain expertise in their chosen professional specialty, take advantage of flexible scheduling options, enjoy recognition for performance, and participate in committed teamwork and decision-making that reflects and defines our culture.

Riverside's ICU offers critical care nurses an abundance of opportunities for professional growth and development. We provide:

  • An autonomous and supportive environment
  • Exposure to the latest advances in treatment
  • Diverse patient population
  • Continuous challenges to stimulate critical thinking skills

Riverside's Intensive Care Unit is "nurse friendly" in supporting career development of critical care nurses. Professional development includes:

  • Precepted orientation
  • Online continuing education
  • The Night Out Series, a quarterly education series specifically for nurses in a forum which fosters collegial relationships, networking, and continuing education
  • Journal Club, a forum for critical care nurses to discuss the application of current research and literature to everyday practice
  • Annual unit retreats for developing team goals and promoting teambuilding strategies
  • RN Critical Care Fellowship Program, which offers extensive classroom instruction as well as supervised clinical experience to prepare new graduate RNs for critical care