Medical Education

Surgery ResearchThe General Surgery Residency program is dedicated to providing its residents with a complete surgical education, which includes the introduction to scholarly research activities.  These activities will provide for lifelong, critical interpretation of published literature, and provide a basis for future interests.  Residents will learn how to accumulate data, analyze results, and organize the material into a standard scientific format.

During the five year residency program, each resident is expected to fulfill the minimum research requirements listed below:

1) The acceptance and publications of at least two prospective or retrospective studies, or case reports, in a peer-reviewed journal.

2) The presentation of a research project at a local, regional, national or international meeting.

Riverside Methodist Hospital provides all its residents with a complete research department to assist in project funding, data gathering, organizing, and preparing research projects and papers.  They assist in obtaining proper credentialing through the institutional review board.

The research coordinator and the assistant program director meet periodically with each resident to ensure that projects are being completed in a thorough and timely manner.  They will assist in arranging for submission of publications to peer-reviewed journals and arrange presentations at the appropriate meetings.

The surgical teaching staff is encouraged to sponsor resident research projects and assist in their preparation.

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