Medical Education

The Riverside Methodist Hospital Department of Surgery resulted from the evolution of various colleges of medicine, local hospitals, and the interest of a group of physicians in developing better medical care for the growing capital of the state of Ohio.

On June 2, 1892, the Protestant Hospital opened in downtown Columbus.  The facility had 15 beds and was considered one of the finest in the state.  Soon after Protestant Hospital, three more facilities opened in the city:  Children's Hospital in 1899, Lawrence Hospital in 1899 and Grant Hospital in 1900.

In 1922, Protestant Hospital became White Cross Hospital (WCH) and by 1928 it had received an "A" rating by the American College of Surgeons and the Board of Hospitals and Homes. 

The first General Surgeon to graduate from WCH was Dr. Robert Cassidy, in 1942.  Because of WWII, another would not graduate until 1948.  By 1944, 79 WCH physicians were in the armed services.  Two particularly distinguished surgeons at war were Dr. Clyde Perry and Dr. Judson Wilson.

In 1947, WCH purchased the land east of North Broadway and Olentangy River Road, where RMH is currently located.

On June 14, 1958, ground was broken for what was to become Riverside Methodist Hospital.  Dr. Philip Taylor Sr. became the first General Surgeon to graduate from the RMH Surgery program, in 1961. 

The tradition of superior quality and outstanding surgical training at RMH has historically been strengthened by its close ties with the Medical School at OSU and other surgical programs. 

In addition to a close relationship with surgical specialties, the Department of Surgery residents at RMH enjoy daily learning relationships with the other training programs at the hospital:  Medicine, OB/GYN, Family Practice, Transitional and Preliminary Medicine.

Neuro Institute ExteriorTo date, the General Surgery Program at Riverside Methodist Hospital has graduated 104 General Surgeons, in addition to training numerous preliminary surgery residents.  All Graduates are Board Certified.  Every resident who has chosen to continue training beyond General Surgery has been able to obtain a position in a fellowship program.  The majority of them are currently enjoying successful practices today.

The General Surgery Program at Riverside Methodist Hospital received continued full accreditation from the ACGME.