Medical Education

Students from LCME and AOA Accredited Medical Schools (not affiliated with Riverside Methodist Hospital) must:

  1. Be in good academic standing
  2. Have a passing USMLE or COMLEX Step 1 score
  3. Have completed a core (junior level) clerkship
  4. May take up to two 4-week electives for a total of eight weeks at the discretion of the department
  5. Be authorized by home medical school to take the rotation/course and receive credit
  6. Have malpractice insurance coverage
  7. Have personal health insurance coverage
  8. Have documentation of immunizations for the following:
    • Diphtheria/Tetanus booster within 10 years
    • Hepatitis B vaccination or immune status
    • Tuberculin status with documentation* and intra-dermal PPD (completed prior to beginning of each academic year)
    • Chicken pox disease history or titer, MMR for applicants after 1957

*Note: Documentation for immunizations must be submitted with application.

How to Apply

OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital Rotation Application