Medical Education

Students from LCME and AOA Accredited Medical Schools (not affiliated with Riverside Methodist Hospital)

  1. Be in good academic standing
  2. Be authorized by home medical school to take the rotation/course and receive credit
  3. Have malpractice insurance coverage
  4. Have personal health insurance coverage
  5. Have documentation of immunizations for the following
    • Diphtheria/Tetanus booster within 10 years
    • Hepatitis B vaccination or immune status
    • Tuberculin status with documentation* and intra-dermal PPD (completed prior to beginning of each academic year)
    • Chicken pox disease history or titer, MMR for applicants after 1957

*Documentation for immunizations must be submitted with application.

How to Apply
To request an application by mail or email, contact us. Beginning in July, 2014, housing will no longer be available. 

OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital Rotation Application