Medical Education

Getting to Know Us

For more than three decades Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio has trained quality obstetricians and gynecologists in our nationally accredited residency program. The tradition of graduating compassionate, competent obstetricians/gynecologists is a source of pride and a hallmark of this institution's commitment to graduate medical education. 

Riverside has about 7,000 deliveries a year, which provides a tremendous number of excellent educational opportunities.  The surgical numbers for residents are usually in the 80-98th percentile, compared nationally.  In addition to general obstetrics and gynecology, the program includes MFM, REI, GYN/ONC, Urogynecology, Menopausal Medicine,General Surgery and elective rotations.  Residents also have the opportunity to teach area medical students that rotate through the program monthly.

Carl Krantz, MD
Carl A. Krantz, MD
Program Director

Another program highlight is the Center of Medical Education and Innovation.  This Center is an initiative of Riverside's Graduate Medical Education Committee that changes the way medical professionals are trained by enhancing the learning of patient care from beyond the patient bedside to include a high-tech simulated learning environment.  The Center represents a major transformation in medical education and increases patient safety, facilitates the evaluation of new medical technologies, and encourages the adoption of new skills.

Why OB/GYN at Riverside?

  • We are focused on providing intensive clinical training to ensure that residents will be able to use their clinical skills to become highly competent practitioners or to pursue fellowship training.
  • The strength of our program is the balanced exposure to both a very busy OB/GYN service and each of the subspecialties

    o Maternal Fetal Medicine
    o Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
    o Gynecologic Oncology
    o Urogynecology
  • This program has the fortunate ability to provide exceptional volumes of experience while also organizing didactic and academic conferences to provide a balance education.  Obtaining exposure to all the subspecialties at one institution is also a major benefit to residents.