Tools and Resources

This statement summarizes many of the patient rights OhioHealth is committed to honoring.  

  • Cultural, psychosocial, spiritual and personal values, beliefs and preferences
  • Confidentiality, privacy and security
  • Support services, such as an interpreter
  • Full information about outcomes of care, treatment and services, so you can make the best decisions
  • Active participation in your care, treatment and service
  • Living wills, power of attorney documents and other advance directives
  • Ethics consultation
  • The right to complain
  • Organ donation
  • The right to refuse treatment
  • Information about benefits, discomforts, alternatives and other details, if you are participating in experimental research
  • Respectful care supporting personal dignity
  • Impartial access to treatment
  • Knowing the identity of the practitioner primarily responsible for your care
  • Reasonable response to your requests and needs for treatment
  • Comfort and dignity in the treatment of your illness
  • Billing, financial aid and charge information upon request
  • Adequate assessment and treatment of pain
  • The right to be free from abuse, neglect and exploitation
  • Protective and advocate services
  • Answering questions thoroughly about your health and medical history
  • Asking questions when information is not understood
  • Cooperating with doctors and hospital staff
  • Following all hospital policies, including those addressing smoking, visiting and other matters
  • Providing all necessary financial information so that medical bills may be paid
  • Showing respect and consideration
  • Accepting consequences

For a complete list of your rights and responsibilities, contact the Patient Relations department at the hospital where you or your family member is receiving care.

  • Riverside Methodist Hospital: (614) 566.5708
  • Grant Medical Center: (614) 566.9375
  • Doctors Hospital: (614) 566.5708
  • Grady Memorial Hospital: (740) 615.1071
  • Dublin Methodist Hospital: (614) 544.8200

Patient Rights and Responsibilities also are available in Braille, large print and other languages (e.g., Spanish and Somali).

For information about your inpatient and discharge rights as a Medicare patient, please read "An Important Message from Medicare About Your Rights."

Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program

OhioHealth's Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program was created to:

  • Assure the business operations of OhioHealth and its members are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Educate all employees about these laws and regulations
  • Monitor operations to assure compliance
  • Report and correct deviations appropriately

Patients and families also have the right to access the Ethics Advisory Committee for help when there are disagreements about the patient's course of treatment. To discuss compliance or ethics issues, please call (614) 566.5350.

The Ohio Department of Health has established a hotline number, (800) 342.0553, to receive, investigate, report and resolve complaints regarding quality issues relating to healthcare services.