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OhioHealth Rehabilitation Services is nationally ranked in the top 5% for patient satisfaction. [ Press Ganey FY09 Q1-Q3]

But don't just take our word for it - read what our patients have to say about us:

Laura L.
Physical Therapy patient

"I came to OhioHealth Rehabilitation Services after many years of playing tennis and a total knee replacement. My orthopedic therapist helped me improve leaps and bounds every week, and address specific goals I had  like getting back to using the elliptical again and getting up off the floor after playing with my grandkids. My therapist recognized that even at 61 years I was an athlete and, for me, recovery meant getting back to being active at my level. I really appreciated how he customized therapy to meet this need. When I asked about returning to Pilates, he wasn't familiar with the exercise, but called on his other resources at OhioHealth to check it out and make sure I could practice safely. It's one of the many benefits of working with a larger, trusted health network."

Barbara S.
Mother/Caregiver of a Brain & Stroke Rehabilitation Program patient

"My daughter, Ashley, suffered a severe stroke caused by a spontaneous dissection of the carotid artery. After six months of physical therapy from another center, progress seemed to level off. She was referred to OhioHealth's Brain and Stroke Rehabilitation program in Upper Arlington, and within two weeks, we started to see improvements. We were so impressed by how her new therapist worked her whole body and not just the arm or leg as she received before. Our only regret is that we didn't know about this type of therapy a year ago."

Mark B.
Brain and Stroke Rehabilitation Program patient

"I suffered an unexpected ischemic stroke at age 50, resulting in left side hemiplegia. I had some excellent therapists at Marietta Memorial Hospital, but they were having difficulty helping me "find my center" and bear weight on my left side. My outpatient physical therapist tried many things, but determined I needed an ankle-foot orthotic (AFO). Fortunately for me, she had attended an NDT course for physical therapists with OhioHealth Rehabilitation Services, so she consulted with the instructor on my case. The instructor was able to diagnose my vision problem from 130+ miles away- just hearing my symptoms over the phone. She also agreed to take my case. I have been totally satisfied with my treatment at OhioHealth Rehabilitation Services they have an excellent team of people at Upper Arlington who all work together to assure patient satisfaction! It's always well worth the 5 hour, 260+ mile round trip."

David W.
Brain and Stroke Rehabilitation Program patient

"Because of my stroke, I tend to use too much of my hip, and so my ultimate goal of therapy is to make my right side walk like normal without any limp. The best part of working with OhioHealth Rehabilitation Services is that they are very committed. I work with the same people on a regular basis and I'm not juggled from one therapist to another. My physical therapist is exceptional. As an extra supplement to our therapy, she got me fitted for a brace that has electrical current and stimulates my leg while I walk. That's a big deal for them - they are always going out of their way to accommodate."

Vernon F.
Cervical spine care patient

"My family doctor recommended that I go to OhioHealth Rehabilitation Services for physical therapy to help reduce the pain I was experiencing from arthritis and osteoporosis. My therapist treated me for cervical spine issues and gave me exercises to work on at home too. Throughout all of my treatments, everyone was so nice and went out of their way to make sure I was treated well throughout the process. My pain isn't as bad anymore and I would recommend it to anyone- it really helped me."