Starting Position: 

Lie on your back in an imprinted position with the legs reaching toward the ceiling. The upper body is flexed off the mat with arms actively reaching by the sides of the body. The shoulders are stabilized. 


Inhale to prepare.

Exhale:           Reach the right leg away, while the left reaches toward the ceiling. Pulse the legs twice with the breath. The arms continue to actively reach by the sides of the body.

Inhale:            Start to switch the legs by reaching them toward the ceiling, so they can pass each other in mid-air.

Exhale:           Reach the left leg away, while the right leg reaches toward the ceiling, pulsing twice.

Inhale:            Start to switch the legs.

Complete 8 – 10 repetitions.

Fine Tuning:

  • Keep your head on the mat (or a head prop) if you feel tension in your neck or if you should avoid exercises involving spinal flexion.
  • To avoid tilting or rotating the pelvis, only lower the leg in a range that you can maintain pelvic and spinal stability.
  • To make this exercise easier to stabilize, it can be performed with bent knees.


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Left leg reaching toward the ceilingRight leg reaching toward the ceiling