Favorites of our Pilates Clients 

Jenni’s Favorite Stretch – Triceps Push Up (modified) 

My favorite exercise is the Triceps Push Up. I’ve gained muscle tone and strength in my upper arms that I never had. At the same time I’ve lost some flabbiness in that area.

Pilates classes are fun and make me feel accountable to exercise regularly.  It’s also great to have an instructor to correct any bad habits before they become too ingrained.

Triceps Push Up (modified)

Start on the hands and knees, with the hands placed under the shoulders and the knees under the hips. The middle fingers of both hands point forward and the thumbs point in toward each other. Roll the elbows inward so the elbow pit (bending part of the elbow) lines up with the wrist and shoulders. Ideally, the elbows should not point out to the side. The shoulder blades are relaxed down toward the hips. Ramp the chin back and allow the head and neck to hang and let the jaw relax.  

Inhale:  Bend the elbows and lower them toward the floor. Focus on squeezing the elbows inward so that they point toward the thighs. Do NOT allow the hips to move forward or back – the thighs will stay vertical.

Only go as low as able to keep the thumbs pointing toward each other and elbows pointing back toward the body.

Exhale:  Push upward by straightening the arms.  Maintain alignment while returning to starting position.

Complete 8 to 10 repetitions.

Fine Tuning:

  • Do not back the hips up or let them move forward.
  • Do not let the elbows pop out to the sides like a bulldog.
  • Only go as low as the thumbs can continue to point toward each other.
  • The pelvis is neutral and NOT tucked.
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