Half Roll Back Variation 

Starting Position

Sit tall on the foam roller in a neutral pelvis and spine, with the knees bent and the feet flat on the mat. The arms are long, reaching parallel to the floor. The shoulders are stabilized.


Inhale to prepare.

Exhale:     Roll back, leading with the lower back, as low as abdominal connection can be maintained and without resting the lumbar spine on the roller.  Allow the upper spine to flex in response to the movement of the lower spine.

Inhale:      Maintain the flexion and breathe deep into rib cage.

Exhale:     Initiating with the abdominals, flex the torso forward over the legs and returning to the sit-bones.

Inhale:      Sequentially restack the vertebrae one at time from tailbone to head.

Complete 5 to 8 repetitions. 

Fine Tuning

  • The movement is initiated by moving the pelvis away from the legs, allowing a sense of opening at the front of the hip joints.
  • Do NOT collapse over the legs when rounding forward.
  • Keep the shoulders stabilized and down away from the ears.


Half Roll-Back Variation with a Hold

Roll back to the half-way point in the C-curve position and hold. Allow the arms to lift and lower while holding the scoop.Inhale as the arms float up and exhale to lower the arms.Deepening the abdominal connection with every exhale is a very important part of this exercise.

Half Roll-Back Variation with a Rotation

Roll back to the half-way point in the C-curve position and hold. Exhale, stabilize the shoulders and rotate the spine to the right. Follow the hand with the eyes. The rotation comes from the waist, the pelvis and hips stay quiet. Inhale to rotate and face forward. Repeat with a rotation to the left side.

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