Breast Stroke into “T” with the Toning Balls™

The addition of the Toning Balls™ while performing this exercise will add an increased challenge for the scapular stabilizers. (Please feel free to not use the Toning Balls.)  Enjoy!

Starting Position:  Lie on the mat face down with the legs long and hip-distance apart. The arms are bent with the hands by the shoulders holding the Toning Balls. The pelvis and spine are in a neutral position, and the shoulders stay stabilized throughout the exercise.

To prepare, inhale…

Exhale:           Maintain shoulder stability while lengthening and extending the thoracic and cervical spine.  Create a long, low line, allowing the upper body to hover just above the mat.  Maintain a closed rib cage while lengthening the spine.  The chest should maintain contact with the mat.

Inhale:            Stay and extend arms out to the sides to create a “T” with the body.

Exhale:           Return the arms to the starting position and lengthen down to the mat.

Complete 3 – 5 repetitions.

Fine Tuning:

  • Maintain abdominal connection at the rib cage to help avoid overextending the lower back.
  • Avoid lifting with the lower back.
  • Avoid lifting the legs off the mat.
  • Do not overextend the neck.
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