Healthcare Services and Programs

Physical and occupational therapy is a big part of WorkHealth. WorkRehab programs are individually designed to help your injured employees return to their maximum level of performance, while minimizing risk of re-injury and time lost on the job.

Industrially-trained therapists and psychologists offer specialized programs to assess injury level and deliver appropriate treatment:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation - Determines physical abilities after an injury
  • Work Conditioning - Improves flexibility strength and endurance, treating the whole body and preparing it for return to work
  • Work Hardening - Addresses work specific rehabilitation for areas indicated in Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Adjustment Counseling - Focuses on reducing injured employees' stress and improving negative work behaviors
  • Multidisciplinary Evaluation (MDE) for Functional Restoration/Pain Management -  Identifies candidates that would benefit from multiple integrated treatments
  • Functional Restoration/Pain Management Program - Multidisciplinary treatment to decrease pain and its effects on individual's life and work

Injury prevention programs and ergonomics education are also available onsite with your employees.

WorkRehab offers three convenient locations for physical and occupational therapy in central Ohio. We can provide many rehabilitation services at the workplace.

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