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  • bob Bob Keating's Story

    Bob Keating was serious about his health. He ran marathons. He lifted weights. But one day, he lifted too much weight. He heard a “pop”. And felt immediate and serious pain. He had suffered a complete avulsion (rupture) - a tendon injury that’s among the worst. That’s when he turned to doctors who are among the best.

  • donna Donna Klabunde's Story

    Each year, more than 213,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. In 2004, Donna Klabunde was one of them. Yet despite the life-altering challenges she has faced since being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, Donna is quick to point out, "I'm not a statistic. I'm a miracle.

  • jeff Jeff McFall's Story

    Jeff McFall took a fall. Off a motorcycle at highway speeds. From the knee down, his right leg was crushed. His tibia bone was now in 28 little pieces. It was no stretch of the imagination to think he may lose the leg. But doctors at Grant were determined not to let that happen.

  • leslietucker Leslie Tucker's Story

    When Leslie Tucker arrived at Riverside Methodist Hospital's Emergency Department with an irregular heartbeat, our heart specialists found themselves tending to two patients at once - Leslie and the baby she was carrying.

  • lydia Lydia Dutton's Story

    Lydia Dutton spent her life on the farm. And while that life was never really easy, it became a lot harder in 1991 when she took a terrible fall from a hayloft, badly injuring her left elbow. For years she lived with pain, discomfort, and numbness. Then she turned to Grant.